Visitor’s Profile
Our strange trade visitors database has been complied and up-dated every year to ensure the best quality visitors to be invented to the show, Visitors’ Profile are as follows:
• Food processors/ packers • Pharmaceutical processors/ packers • Food manufacturers, pharmaceutical manufacturers • Hotel & resorts• Food importers/ distributors/ wholesalers • Restaurant, cafes, pubs, clubs, fast food outlets • Government institutions, trade associations• Retail sector: supermarkets, hypermarkets, grocery  stores, bakery • Industrial catering/ in store bakers • Professional in the F&B sector

Professional Visitor
Distribution of the profesional visitors according to their responsibilities within the company :
• General management 65.3 %
• Purchasing 1.4 %
• Sales marketing 21.9 %
• Production 9.6 %
• Public relations 1.5 %
• Research-development 0.3 %65.3% of the visitors are responsible for general management

Decision Maker
Distribution of the profesional visitors according to their decision making within the company :
• Sole decision maker 57.3 %• Common decision maker 18.6 %• Advisor 16.9 %• Others 7.2 %57,3 of the visitors are sole decision makers within the company while 18.6% participate in decision making in the company


Consumers prefer to have a convenient packaged food product that can be made as a to-go-meal without sacrificing their quality time. The range products displayed in supermarket includes microwaveable product, zippered pouches and modified atmosphere packaging that preserve shelf life and maintains freshness.

The Indonesian packaging sector, like others around the world is made up of package user, converter and service provider such as designer. The sector is dominated by private enterprise. The converter and service provider may be classified into 8 product group as follows :

Pulp & Paper

Corrugated Carton Box

Metal Can

Glass & Ceramics



Plastics Raw Materials, Films, Flexible, Rigid, Transport

Machinery Converting, Filling, and other Machinery related Products & Services